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Event staffing mistakes you should avoid to make your big day a grand success

As an event planner, as you start planning for a forthcoming event, there are various things which continually start moving in your mind. These could include questions like: How can I stay within the predetermined budget? Which should be the best venue for the event? How do I plan the décor and lighting to match the event’s theme? Will the catering toronto specialist be sending any of their own staff or do they need helping hand as well? While thinking about all these, you may overlook one major aspect of an event – event staffing. The success of your event depends significantly on the staff and how well they can serve the guests. Remember that these staff members are the face of your brand and if they make mistakes or offer a sloppy service, it would have a big adverse impact on your brand. Thougha number of event planners try to cut corners with the event staffing process and handle it with a careless attitude, you should take it seriously if you want to become a successful event planner.

In order to make an event a grand success, you should carefully avoid the following event staffing mistakes:
  • Lack of knowledge: Though you can afford to have a large number of staff members involved, not everyone of them is adequately knowledgeable and capable of performing every task. So, before hiring the staff, you should check who is skilled in which specific area and allot the event responsibilities accordingly. For instance, while someone with impeccable manners and a polished vocabulary can welcome the guests, someone else with an aesthetic eye can help in setting up the décor and lights. Remember - every member can add great value to your event provided he/sheis givena task that matches his/her skills and experience.

  • Spending too little: This is a common mistake that many event planners make. Remember that there is an unquestionable correlation between the money you pay the event staff and the service you receive in return. Hence, it’s always advisable to stay away from hiring inexperienced staff members who come at a lower price. Experienced staff members may cost you more but the ROI (return on investment) will be much more than what you spend. That’s because experienced staff members are more professional, more reliable and can represent your brand in the most apt manner.

  • Misunderstanding your event: Simply put, hiring your event staff can’t be perfect if you don’t have a clear understanding of the event. Firstly, you need to know how many visitors will be attending the event. Secondly, you should collect the details of your target audience like their age, gender, cultural background etc. After obtaining these details, you can hire staff members who can properly engage with the attendees and serve them efficiently to make them enjoy the event.

  • Delaying the hiring process: It’s one of the major mistakes that some event planners make. While experienced event staff members understand how to perform their duties seamlessly, they are also the most in demand. So, once you have found the ideal candidate, don’t expect them to wait week after week just to get a hiring call from your side. They’ll be quick to move onto other opportunities, as and when they come their way. Ideally, you should close the job offer within a week. If you take beyond two weeks to finalize, you’re most likely to miss the opportunity of hiring a good talent for your company and may finally end up hiring some inexperienced staff members instead.

  • Failing to consult with your team: As an event planner, you may be the decision maker when it comes to hiring new staff members, but your present team members are the ones who will perform with the new recruits. So, you should consult with your team members before taking any final call on hiring new staff members. Additionally, your presentteam members will be able to provide their valuable inputs about such recruitment and let you figure out if any personality clash is likely to occur. To make an event a successful one, everyone of your team has to be on the same page. Consulting your team will make it possible for the existing and new recruits to work in collaboration, thus making everything proceed like a well-oiled machine. 

  • Hiring based on appearance: Though appearance and looks do matter in an event management company, hiring solely based on appearance may become problematic. Professionalism, personality, experience and temperament must be taken into consideration when it comes to hiring event staff members. Event staff members with the right skill, aptitude and experience are more likely to deliver the results you expect.

  • Concealing job specifications: If you want the staff members to serve seamlessly throughout an event,don’t conceal anything about their respective job responsibilities. If you fail to prepare the members for any negative aspect of their respective positions, they might become overwhelmed and leave the event mid-way. Thus, it’s advisable to be honest with all your staff members about their job responsibilities.

Finally, remember that for a successful event, it’ll be your staff members who’ll have to take the lead and offer the guests impeccable service. So, try to avoid making these event staffing mistakes to develop a robust team that’ll make the event a grand success.